Bruno Chaza, methods, digital version

Bruno Chaza offers in partnership with Welty Editions a series of entertaining bass guitar methods. These methods are available as digital version on this page. Payment in secured with Paypal.
You will receive your order by mail, the parcel being sent maximum 48h after the order. The price of each method as digital version is 20€.

Nota note for bass players for example available in English, is appropriate for students who are already familiar with reading music, as well as those who strive to reach this level. In order to provide students with accessible transcriptions, the electric bass parts have been simplified. Use the CD in the following manner: First, tracks 1-5 are the original recording of the trio (with Bruno Chaza on bass) that we will find in the method. Next, tracks 6-10 feature the same pieces, but without the bass part. You should try to reproduce the parts written in this volume but also construct your own version by reading the chord patterns.

For each purchase of any of these methods, whether as a book or as a digital version, come offered a supplementary bass guitar transcriptions as a pedagogical plus. These transcriptions for bass guitar are available for pedagogical purpose. When you are taking music lessons, whether private or in a school/conservatory, teachers always have the same way of working. A fair balance between necessary techniques to make progress and applicable knowledge in a musical context. Musical backtracks (excerpts or full tracks) are used for deeper pedagogy. Any musician trains himself on actual music, which is a pedagogical support. That's why I offer as complementary tool a series of 50 transcriptions for bass guitar. These transcriptions are for personal use and only for pedagogical purposes.

Bruno Chaza is not only an awesome bassist, composer and producer but also shares his knowledge of music and the instrument with others as and educator. I Highly recommend these educational music references books. Tony Cimorosi

These methods are available as books version....

The transcriptions

Clés de Basse

Available for the moment only in french or spanish, very soon the English edition, Keys of Bass.



Mots de Basse

Available for the moment only in french, very soon the English edition, Words of Bass.



Nota Note For Bass Players

Note-for-note transcription, in Engish.