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Bruno Chaza is endorsed by Labella Strings and on demand strings made for piccolo bass in New York. Endorsed amps by german brand Glockenklang and as well by french instrument maker Christian Noguera. Bruno Chaza use a Blue Sky Glockenklang and a Uno Rock Deluxe 1 X 15''

A Signature Bruno Chaza Bass is available in three configurations, fretted, fretless and piccolo. Design by Bruno Chaza and Christian Noguera, this bass Bruno Chaza Signature has a large range of sounds.

With these three Bass Signature, Bruno Chaza use a Blue Sky Glockenklang and a Uno Rock Deluxe 1 X 15'' Blue Sky Glockenklang

Blue Sky
Pros Compact, lightweight, razor-sharp EQ
Cons Can sound dark until EQ is engaged
Bottom Line This portable Class D powerhouse is packed with modern goodies, but you’ll need the EQ to get close to that Glockenklang sound.

Power rating 475 or 700 watts into 4O or 2.7O, 240 or 350 watts into 8O
Preamp topology Class A
Power amp topology Class D
Power supply Switch mode
Outputs Two Speakon, XLR balanced line out (pre/post eq), q" headphone out, q" tuner out
Controls bass ±15dB @ 60Hz; Low ±12dB @ 130Hz; mid ±12dB @ 200Hz–4kHz; treble ±15dB @ 8kHz
Dimensions 12.6" x 11” x 3.5"
Weight 11 lbssound.

"Bruno Chaza's style of playing is mind-blowing, his charisma and magnetism transcend the artistic frame. Groove, improvisation, phrasing, the notes vibrates from an impressive musicality. This bass player is vitamin for inspiration, an honor to this profession, undoutbtedly to be ranked amongst the top emotion makers". Pete Dawson


Fret bass

Bruno Chaza's blue sky, Glockenklang



The endorsements, Glockenklang, Aguilar, Labella, Noguera.....