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Winter 2017

Here comes a busy winter.

- Among the numerous activities I will work with the disabled children of a medico-educational institution from the Occitania region in France and be a sideman of a lead singer of a choir performing for the Christmas mass with pianist and a guitarist in Saint Etienne's chapel.It was good fun to play Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ave Verum Corpus. Apart from those performances the new Aquitaine Bela Bartok conservatory programm will start with the study of different artists' compositions such as :

- Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody - Red Hot Chili Peppers Sir Psycho Sexy - Télephone, Ca s'est Vraiment Toi - Elvis Costello, Watching The Detectives - Chris Réa, Auberge - Chi Coltrane, Thunder and Lightning - Michael Jackson, Billie Jean. It was a great pleasure to teach on the 23 rd of December which was the last school day of the year. My students brought me a lot of presents. Chocolate drops, honey, candles, white wine, cd and pâté.

- For the Docks workshops I'm already working on the sight-reading of new pieces like. Jessie Jay, Ariana Grande, Bang, Bang - Lacuna Coil, Enjoy The Silence - Sting, Fragile -Cocoon, Dolphins - France Gall, Résiste, Pink Floyd - Money..

- New sight-reading for the transcript pages. Burn This Disco Out - Michael Jackson, bass Alphonso Johnson, 1983.Billie Jean - Michael Jackson, bass Alphonso Johnson, 1983.Bang Bang - Jessie Jay, Ariana Grande, 2014. Domino - Jessie Jay, 2012.

- Recording session for the next album, Bruno Chaza - Conversation. First title, bass duet with Federico Malaman. Bruno Chaza (Piccolo bass) - Federico Malaman (Bass)

- 21 th, recording session for the new album Conversations, duet with John Patitucci

- 20 th, recording session for the new album Conversations, duet with Lawrence Cottle

- 19 th, recording session for the new album Conversations, duet with Michael Manring

- 18 th, recording session for the new album Conversations, duet with Federico Malaman

- 17 th, recording session for the new album Conversations, duets with Kai Eckhardt


The last blog : Fall 2017

New website



Welcome to this new 100 % responsive site, encoded in Html 5. The website offer a new containing and a simplified browser. The site is responsive and could be watched from all the platforms, cell phones and tablets. The aim is to gain 100 % success to 4 different Google targets, displaying, visibility, security and loading time. To complete this task different actions are necessary :

- the add of icon’s buttons in order to succeded at 100 % for the first criteria : displaying

- the add of a like and a share buttons for Facebook and a tweet one for Tweeter, at the moment the encoding is not reliable

- an SSL certificate to improve the security and visibility…currently 93 % of success at the second criteria : visibility. The SSL certicate for the data encryption is successful, next step, the certificate configuration by the website, 100 % success targeted for this second criteria of visibility. We are working on the contents and the packaging.

- Today october 27th, first on line connection to the official english website. We are also working on the loading time, all images are optimized under 50 ko.

- Host site change and forum reprogramming.