Diary January

- 22th, bass lessons, Allegro Music, Occitania region, France

- 22th, transcriptions, Jazz Gypsy : L.O.V.E, La Gitane. Francis Cabrel : Les Pantins de Naphtaline

- 22th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 21th, transcriptions, Jazz Gypsy : It Had To Be You, J'attendrai, Jeepers Creepers, Joseph, joseph. Francis Cabrel : Les Chemins de Traverse, Les Murs de Poussière

- 21th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 20th, transcriptions, Jazz Gypsy : Indifférence. Francis Cabrel : L'enfant qui dort

- 20th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 19th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 18th, bass lessons, Bartok conservatory, in new Aquitaine region, France

- 17th, transcriptions, Jazz Gypsy : I Love You, I'll See You In My Dreams. Francis Cabrel : La Dame de Haute Savoie, C'est La Fille Qui m'accompagne, L'encre de tes yeux

- 17th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 16th, bass lessons, Occitania region, France

- 16th, transcriptions, Jazz Gypsy : Hungaria, I Cant' Give You Anything But Love. Francis Cabrel : Je Pense Encore à Toi, Je rêve

- 15th, transcriptions, Jazz Gypsy : HCQ Strut, Honeysuckle Rose, How High The Moon. Francis Cabrel : Encore et Encore, Je l'Aime A Mourir, Il Faudra Leur Dire

- 15 th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 14th, transcriptions Jazz Gypsy: Embreceable You, For Sephora. Francis Cabrel : Madame n 'aime pas

- 14th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 13th, transcriptions Jazz Gypsy : Dinette, Douce Ambiance. Francis Cabrel : C'était l'Hiver

- 13th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 12th, transcription Guns and Roses : Sweet Child Of Mine

- 12th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 11th, bass lessons, Bartok conservatory, in new Aquitaine region, France

- 10th, bass lessons, Occitania region, France

- 10th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 9th, bass lessons, Occitania region, France

- 9th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 9th, transcriptions Jazz Gypsy : Dream Of You, Django's Tiger, Duke and Dukie. France Gall : Si Maman Si, Tout Pour La Musique, Une Déclaration

- 8th, bass lessons, Allegro Music, Occitania region, France

- 8th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 8th, transcriptions Jazz Gypsy : Daphné, Danse Norvegienne, Djangology. France Gall : Résiste, Samba Mambo

- 7th, school reports for students of the Bela Bartok Conservatory, new Aquitaine region, France

- 7th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 7th, transcriptions Jazz Gypsy : China Boy, Clair De Lune, Coquette. France Gall : Hong Kong Star, Il Jouait Du Piano Debout, Musique

- 6th, bass lessons, Occitania region, France

- 6th, transcriptions Jazz Gypsy : Belleville, Bluesette. France Gall : Diego, Ella, ella, Evidemment

- 6th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 5th, transcriptions Jazz Gypsy : Blue Drag, Blue Lou, Brazil. France Gall : Comment Lui Dire, Débranche

- 4th, transcriptions Jazz Gypsy : All Of Me, Blues in G minor, Blues Clair, Bossa Dorado. France Gall : Bébé Comme La Vie, Besoin d'Amour, Calypso, Cézanne Peint

- 3th, transcriptions Jazz Gypsy : Anniversary Song, Anouman, Avalon. France Gall : Amor Tambien, Babacar

- 3th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 2th, transcriptions, Christmas Songs : Le Traineau, Vive Le Vent, Noel Jazz, Belem. Florent Pagny : Un Jour Une Femme, Chanter, Savoir Aimer

- 2th, workshop, Occitania region, France

- 1 th, workshop, Occitania region, France

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Beside his career as a musician, Bruno is as well author of several bass guitar methods at Welty Editions. These methods are available in paperback or e-books through the website.

Endorsed amps by american brand Aguilar, german brand Glockenklang, Labella strings and also by french instrument maker Christian Noguera. A Bruno Chaza bass Signature is available in 3 configurations : fretted, fretless and piccolo. These models are accesible since 2009.

Bruno Chaza teaches in various organisations such as Isdat (Pole Superieur Occitanie, France), Regional Conservatory of Toulouse, Yamaha academy Mexico.
His musical studies were unanimously awarded by a superior and excellence 1 st prize by the Conservatory jury.

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